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In December 1980, Jean-Claude Seyller (guitarist) and Daniel Franck (bass player), two former classmates, found themselves and decided to set up a rock band. They've be joined two months later by the drummer Yannick Bernard. Since the group does not have a singer, JC starts singing. But soon, an old friend of Yannick and former singer of ANTIGEL, Philippe Bruneau, joined them. The group is called NO MAN'S LAND. The original repertoire is rock, rythm'n blues, sung in French. JC and Daniel write almost all the texts and music, which is arranged collectively. The band begins playing in the MJC, bars and festivals. The following year, Philippe leaves and JC with the heavy task of ensuring the singing of the trio. The group recorded several studio titles in Strasbourg and London. The experiment is without result, for lack of contract. Then in 1984, the group was enriched with a new member, Edith Taioni on piano. The sound is growing, the group turns in the East of France. Daniel the bass player launched parallel in the recording production and decides to produce a single. We are in 1987, still in vinyl period. For this, JC gives way to singer Jackie Marsalla, an experienced singer. However, the test is not convincing and JC leaves the group. A new voice came: that of Christine Maillard, former singer of WAPASSOU. The group changed its name to "LISA COMPLOT". The next is classic: recording, regional TV shows, video clip ... But independent productions are struggling to make a place. The sale of the single "BALLADE POUR UNE CRAQUETTE" is only a success of esteem. After several concerts in the East of France, the group's career ends in 1989.
In 1993, the group reformed with JC and Daniel, but without Yannick replaced by Daniel Lopez and without Edith. Philippe Vozelle joined the band as a solo guitarist. Later, Guido Bellatti Ceccoli joined them with his saxophone. This time the group takes the name "NO COMMENT". After three years of concerts throughout Alsace, including guest of MARILLION at the Wine Fair in Colmar in 1994, the band separated again in 1995.
Twenty years later, in 2015, the group reformed in its original formula with Yannick on drums, Daniel on bass and JC on guitar and vocals. Guido (sax) played the first three concerts and left away...